MEDNOKTA® is a conceptual brand and fine art experiment created by designer Davon "PONDO™" McMillian to create unique products that ask its community to explore their creativity and take risks. 

MEDNOKTA® is a culmination of PONDO's life experiences and a homage to sub-cultures that inspired his love of design such as Afro-Punk, Skateboarding, and Anime. MEDNOKTA® is a way for PONDO™ to be transparent about his experiences as a black designer and function as a symbol of transition and growth. The community built here is one that values rebellion formed from curiosity and creativity.

Mednokta® = Midnight, a time of transition from the old to the new...


Our garments are designed and developed locally in Los Angeles, CA, using sustainable fabrics and ethical trade practices.

EST. 2021